Let us guide you through the Magmatic Process:


Problems can arise quickly so you need access to fast responding advisers. Do you have a lawyer dedicated to supporting your business? Can you book time with them on-line? We use cutting edge technology to give access to our team of advisers.

The Magmatic Process 1


Can your business afford to allow staff problems to get out of control and impact your effectiveness? You need a risk-based HR strategy not formulaic procedural advice. You can rely on our highly experienced team who have seen it all before and can tailor their advice to your specific problem.

The Magmatic Process 2


Sometimes it makes sense to settle a matter early. But sometimes you need to take a strong position and stand your ground. When you do so, your HR team needs to feel that its advisers are with them, not working against them. Our employment tribunal insurance gives employers confidence and certainty in litigation.

The Magmatic Process 3


How could problems have been prevented? When mistakes are made, you need to fully understand what happened, why it happened and how you can stem the flow of future problems. Our training services can help make this happen.

The Magmatic Process 4

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