Employee Tax Advice

Our employee tax specialist can support and advise you on the following:

Employee Tax Advice 1
  • HMRC PAYE/NIC Compliance reviews – if you are currently undergoing an HMRC audit we can help you to negotiate a favourable settlement with HMRC. Our specialists have considerable experience in this area and understands the importance of working with HMRC effectively, in order achieve the best possible outcome for you, the client.
  • PAYE/NIC Compliance reviews – if you have not had an HMRC audit for some time and would like to undertake a ‘health check’, our specialists can conduct a PAYE/NIC review to highlight any weaknesses or any areas for improvement. Depending on the outcome, our specialists can help you with making voluntary settlements with HMRC, where appropriate.
  • PAYE/NIC training – our experts can provide bespoke training and support to relevant employees within your organisation (finance, payroll, HR) to ensure that they understand the current rules on PAYE/NIC and are kept up to date on HMRC changes.
  • P11D Dispensations/PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSA) – our specialists can help you to apply for a P11D Dispensation or apply for a revised dispensation to make sure you maximise any tax efficiencies. We can also arrange a review of your PSA to ensure the company is not paying any unnecessary tax to HMRC. If you do not have a PSA, we can assist you with agreeing the scope and minimise the PAYE/NIC you need to pay to HMRC.
Employee Tax Advice 2
Employee Tax Advice 3
  • General/Ad-hoc PAYE/NIC advice – seeking advice early can save your organisation a lot money later. Our tax experts can advise on how to structure arrangements (e.g. employed or self-employed) or payments (e.g. bonuses, termination packages) in a more tax/NIC efficient manner.

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